January 2018 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: 13 attendees, including Ashley Moore from the Municipality

Guest Speaker: Tim Hindes, Principal and CEO of TrailBlaze Creative, P: 412-212-TREK;
E: tim@TrailBlazeCreative.com; www.TrailBlazeCreative.com. Tim works with Economic Development South on marketing projects. Tim addressed the group on promoting the Industrial Park.

(A copy of Tim’s presentation is attached.)
Things to consider when promoting the Industrial Park and the Business Association itself:

Brand – how do others perceive you

  1. Audience – demographics, identify your audience, what do they want to know
  2. Environment
  3. Competition
  4. Communication – what is my message
  5. Social Media – how to use social media to broadcast your message
  6. Web – how do users use the site; is it organized appropriately
  7. Analytical – what metrics should I use
  8. Value – what is my value proposition
  9. Culture – what culture am I creating; how is this reflected in the customer experience; who is the main point of contact and are they well informed                                                                                  
  10. How to best utilize the resources you have



How do we promote the Industrial Park and the businesses in it

Ideas to promote our organization and the Industrial Park: organize events in the Industrial Park; add value; testimonials; identify audience and then identify gaps

Minutes: the minutes of the November meeting were approved with a few corrections: membership is now 33 not 30, paid memberships; Kelly is not the wife of Klepner’s Auto Body; Tim Hindes is the speaker at this meeting.

Membership: Last year we had 29 paid memberships, this year we have 33 at this point Treasurer’s Report: account balance is $9,930.37; checks were deposited yesterday and today Old Business:
The website is back up

No update on the overlay district

Shade Tree Commission still needs one more member.

New Business:

Has anyone been contacted about mounting an antenna on their building? If so, let Ashley or Shawn know.

List the Bethel Park Business Association on the municipal web site Storm water issue: A survey must be done on whether the municipality proceeds with the plan and determine cost issue to each business. Tim Moury then addressed the meeting about the storm water issue, and answered questions raised by the group.

Next Meeting: February 15, 2018 and March 15, 2018